How to Get Involved


Since 2009, the Trail Days program has provided trail-maintenance support to the Mammoth Lakes Trail System and offered locals and visitors the chance to make a big difference in the quality of some of the most loved trails and locations around Mammoth Lakes. From June through September, local and visiting volunteers meet up for scheduled half-day stewardship events, spending the morning beautifying the trails and facilities that need it most. There are projects for volunteers of every age, from picking up trash to rerouting trails and adding sustainability features such as rock work and drainage features - even painting picnic tables and installing signs! To find out more, click here.


This program works to ensure that our local trails, lakes and trailheads remain well-kept, safe and enjoyable. This program provides an opportunity to support our recreational resources through facility adoption, i.e. sponsorship and/or volunteer stewardship. Your financial support or volunteer commitment will help ensure that our local trails, trailheads and lakes remain safe, fun, and well-maintained for years to come! To find out more, 
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The Mammoth Lakes Trail System Trail Host Team is helping trail users to have fun safely. We provide information, clean up litter, and collect data related to trail facilities and trail use. There are volunteer opportunities for people who want to work with staff to contribute to community efforts. 
For volunteer information please email [email protected].


If you love the outdoors, then be a part of Mammoth Trails! Mammoth Trails* is a confederation of outdoor-recreation user groups that seeks to support and sustain the Mammoth Lakes Trail System and the many activities and users it welcomes. Mammoth Trails membership is open to motorized and non-motorized interests alike. The group meets regularly to discuss common issues and opportunities, and all meetings are open to the public. To discover how joining together can benefit you or your group and the Mammoth Lakes Trail System,
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*Please note “Mammoth Trails” is an important public trail user group which provides input and ideas to the MLTS. It is distinct and separate from the “Mammoth Trails Committee” which is the official board responsible for project and funding approval.

Regular updates to the Trail News page on this site are provided by the Town of Mammoth Lakes Trails Manager. Receive notices about upcoming Mammoth Trails meetings and stay up to date
by following the MLTS Facebook or Instagram Page or by joining the MLTS mailing list maintained by MLTPA.

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